Civil Rights

The Law Offices of Lamis Deek specialize in civil liberties and civil rights matters and have extensive experience advocating – from the courts to the press to the streets – to defend the civil liberties and civil rights of communities facing racism, repression or discrimination.

Have you been approached by city, state or federal law enforcement agents? Are you concerned about being profiled or targeted because of your nationality, ethnicity, race or religion? Have you been questioned about your political or religious beliefs, or your political statements, by police or federal investigative agents? The experiences of countless members of the Arab, Muslim and South Asian communities in New York have been borne out once again by recent reporting revealing the depth of “demographic” investigation and repressive/investigative activity in our communities. If you are concerned about such activities, please contact our offices for a consultation.

Our office is also experienced in addressing public and private discrimination; correcting erroneous information and challenging No-Fly Lists; and representing immigrants facing undue delays in naturalization procedings. If you are facing violations of your civil rights and/or civil liberties, contact our office for a consultation.

We have extensive experience in defending free expression and religious freedom. Lamis Deek has successfully represented mosques, masjids and community centers against challenges to their establishment, growth and construction.