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At the Law Offices of Lamis Deek, we engage in extensive research and zealous, innovative advocacy to defend, protect and expand our clients’ rights and access to justice. We are committed to providing our clients with exceptional representation in all areas of law – from our expertise in federal criminal defense and civil liberties work to family law and business and real estate.

When working with the Law Offices of Lamis Deek, you can rest assured that you are working with attorneys who have your best interests at heart. We represent workers, immigrants, and those profiled by the police and government agencies. We represent the victims of police brutality, discrimination and racism. We have deep roots in the Arab and Muslim communities in New York, as well as strong and lifelong ties to communities of color, workers’ struggles, women’s organizing, and youth activists. We promise to defend your rights, from the courtroom to the press.

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Event: National Lawyers Guild National Convention – October 12-16, 2011

Lamis Deek will speak on several major panels and workshops at the National Lawyers Guild Convention, upcoming from October 12-16, 2011 in Philadelphia, PA. Full registration information is available at the National Lawyers Guild website.

The Latest on Our Cases

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Alleged Sheepshead Bay Racists Lose Mosque Legal Battle – Gothamist – May 11, 2011

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