Lamis J. Deek


Lamis J. Deek
Lamis J. Deek

Overview: Lamis Deek’s work spans international human rights, criminal defense and appeals, civil rights, civil litigation, immigration and family law.  She regularly secures the release and most positive disposition for those facing criminal charges in all matters from material support to political prosecutions to assault, fraud, weapons charges, and for those who were wrongfully seized and prosecuted.  She has engaged in zealous and successful civil litigation on behalf of individuals and institutions that have been attacked or sought for eviction on the basis of their racial or religious identities.  Ms. Deek has also represented countless people, including community leaders against predatory prosecutions, police brutality and civil rights infringements.  She also maintains a successful litigation record for those seeking to assert their rights in the realm of family law, immigration, real estate litigation and business matters.  Her practice handles both State and Federal matters, trial and appellate.  Her legal work has been covered by major national and international media outlets.


  • 2001-2002: Law School: Clerked for Queens Supreme Court Justice Kohms.
  • 2003: Juris Doctor.  Moot Court Honors. Passed Bar 2003.  Admitted 2004.
  • 2003-2004  :  Worked in field of criminal defense, police brutality and immigration.
  • 2004-2005: US v. Mohammed Al Moayad, fully dedicated to trial, prison conditions, sentencing, appellate prep.
  • 2005 to Present: Principal of Law Office of Lamis Deek, with in house counsel and law collective. Federal and State, trial and appellate.  Criminal Defense, Civil Rights, Police Brutality, Investigative Defense, Business Transactions, Habeas and Ineffective Assistance of Counsel Appeals, Family Law and Immigration.

Notable Cases

  • US vs. Mohammad Al Moayad, 2004-2009 . Freed and Repatriated.
  • Kapadia v Demartinis:  Racist attempts to cause Indian Plaintiff to leave predominantly white neighborhood in Staten Island and easement. Successfully resolved on trial. 2007-2008.
  • “The Palestine Nine”:  Defense of 14 protestors against criminal charges stemming from police brutality/attacks of Palestine-Gaza rally. 2009-2010
  • Mavi Marmara: Devised legal and organizing strategy for survivors. 2010.
  • US vs. El Fgeeh: Habeas Corpus post political arrest/trial. 2010.
  • Bay People vs. MAS et al.: Sheepshead Bay Mosque litigation to construct, counterclaims in defamation, abuse of process, malicious prosecution, and conspiracy .Successfully resolved in Court, before the Board and on appeal. 2011.
  • Rye Park Playland Cases.  Defense of 15 Muslims celebrating holiday at Playland when attacked by police and falsely arrested.  Positive Dispositions for all. 2011-2012.
  • NY v Michael Williams:  Defense of Williams, prosecuted for protecting young Muslim girls against attack by a racist. Politicized prosecution focused on Muslim right to self defense. 2011-2012.
  • NY v Ferhani: NYs 1st Terrorism Case. Resolution to become final on March 15, 2013. 2011-2013.
  • US v Al-Hanafi: Material Support. Pending.
  • Matter of Shawki Kassen: Attack on client and several other Muslim Street vendors by Community Board, Business Commissioner, NYPD, and other racist formations. Successfully resolved in favor of street vendors. 2012.
  • Investigative Defense of Muslim Group and its membership: Successfully resolved.
  • NY vs Welfare Poets: Political Prosecution of Puerto Rican Independence Activists/Artists. Successfully Resolved.2012

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  • 2012: Young Alumna Award For Civil Rights Work
  • 2013: National Lawyers’ Guild Award for International Human Rights Work. Upcoming.

Guest Lectures:

  • UC Davis School of Law: Lawyering in defense of Arab and Muslim communities
  • CUNY  Law Continuing Legal Education: Lawyering in the Age of Terror
  • PACE University: Islamophobia and cases arising therefrom.
  • University of Sacred Heart: San Juan, P.R.: Palestinian Prisoners in the US and  Islamophobia.
  • Columbia University: Political Prisoners in the US and Palestine.
  • Columbia University: Wikileaks and implications for Arab affairs.
  • Rutgers University: Palestinian history, politics and international law related issues.
  • Hunter University: Palestinian History and state of the struggle.
  • National Lawyers Guild Conventions 2008-2012: Lectures and trainings on defending material support cases, representing Arabs/Muslims in investigative defense, lawfare.
  • Developed Political Prisoner Defense Manual.


  • Al Jazeera Arabic: case and repatriation of Sheikh Moayad
  • Al Jazeera Arabic: attacks, repression and raids on Palestinian Organizers.
  • Al Jazeera Arabic Documentary on Immigration Policies vis-à-vis Arabs/Muslims.
  • Al Jazeera English: Palestinian Organizing, State repression.
  • ONTV Egypt with Yosri Fouda: Attacks on Muslim Communities in the US.
  • CNN: Palestine
  • AP, NYT, CNN, Guardian, The Nation, WSJ, and all NY print & media outlets:  NYPD vs. Ferhani; NYPD Practices & Demographics Unit.
  • BBC: Anti-Muslim Attacks and state repression.
  • Japanese TV: Documentary on her legal and community organizing work in NY. 2009.



  • National Lawyers Guild Muslim Defense Project :Founded and trained attorneys for the development of the project  committed to defense, street action, education, and student/campus defense,  litigation and policy work to decrease repression against Muslim communities. November 2011- Present.
  • National Lawyers Guild Delegate to Egypt to investigate US role in repression and torture.
  • Lawyers Delegation: Palestinian Prisoners and Israeli Military Tribunals investigation.
  • National Lawyers’ Guild. Executive Committee Member of NY Chapter, 2008-2013.  Vice President of New York Chapter November 2011-2012.
  • CAIR-NY: Board Member/Legal Committee Advisor.
  • National Coalition for the Protection of Civil Liberties: Palestine Community Network: Co-Deputy Chair.
  • US Palestine Community Network: Co-Founder, National Coordinator: 2005-2009
  • Al –Awda-NY/Palestine:  Core Member & Former Co-Chair. 2000 – Present.
  • Racial Justice 911: 2002-2004:  Member & Organizational Representative for Al Awda & AMAF
  • Brooklyn Law School Muslim Students Association. 2002-2003. Founder, still active.
  • Democratic Party:  Fair Funding Alternatives Project for Public School Systems, focus on racial inequities. Ohio 1999-2000.
  • Unlisted but summarily: over a decade of community organizing with focus on empowerment, alternative education, asserting rights and narrative of Arab & Arab-Muslim communities with focus on youth education using grassroots methods.